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It is impossible for an addict to get back to living a normal life unless he or she refrains from taking what it is he or she is addicted to. This is a primary principle of addiction treatment programs. As soon as a person quits, the level of the addictive substance in that person’s body begins to drop, and this can trigger very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Medical detox is a method of medical intervention aimed at helping addicts to survive the torrid withdrawal process. Instead of letting the body go into a crisis state during withdrawal, detox personnel will administer medications to reduce the impact of detoxification.

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How does Medical Detox Work?

The primary goal of using medication during the detoxification process is to alleviate the physical symptoms that arise during drug and alcohol withdrawal, which can be very severe. When people are detoxifying from alcohol, they will most often be required to eliminate alcohol completely and they may receive tranquilizing drugs.

People detoxifying from other drugs will also be given medications, and may receive drugs from the same class of drug to which they are addicted. Generally, the alternative drugs they get will be less addictive than the one to which they are addicted, and will also tend to produce effects that last longer. By using longer-lasting drugs, the dosage frequency can be instantly cut.

Detox also helps to break dependency on the addictive substance. Dependency is a by-product of the sustained taking of drugs or alcohol. The bodies of addicts are chemically and physically changed by continued exposure. This happens because the body adjusts to the ever-present addictive substance. When that substance is removed, the body needs to adjust again, and that takes time during which it is craving for the addictive substance.

Medically-assisted detox greatly reduces the strength of those cravings, and the readjustment can take place without relapse. When readjustment is complete, the physical dependency is broken.

Why Medical Detox is Essential for Treatment

The necessity of medically-assisted detox depends on the amount of the addictive substance a person is taking at the time of quitting. Addicts take addictive substances daily, and most take them throughout the day. This is because their bodies have built up tolerance to the toxic substance, and addicts must keep upping the amount they take to get to a state of equilibrium.

By the time they decide to quit, they are often taking huge quantities of alcohol or drugs each day. When they suddenly quit taking the toxin, the withdrawal symptoms can be powerful enough to kill them. Therefore, for any addict that is a high volume consumer, medical detox is the safest way to quit.

Addicts can buy home detox kits that contain medication that bears some similarity to medications provided in drug treatment centers. However, drug treatment centers will modify medication dosage based on the level of stress a withdrawing addict is experiencing, as that level will normally go up and down. There will also be medical staff on hand in the event that the addict goes into shock or experiences serious withdrawal side effects. This is something that is not possible with home detox kits.

There are two other very good reasons for avoiding home detox. In the first place, the absence of professional support means it is more likely that an addict going through withdrawal will relapse. Secondly, when somebody relapses, there is a very high risk that he or she will overdose on the addictive substance.

Seeking Detox Treatment

Residential medical detox recovery programs achieve greater success rates and are safer than going it alone at home. At our Drug Treatment Centers Bridgeport, we provide quality recovery support for people seeking treatment. Call (203) 612-9630 to learn more.

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