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Substance abuse is a widespread problem that affects individuals of all ages and from all different backgrounds. In addition, substance abuse and its effects on mental health, physical well-being and emotional stability not only affects the user but his or her loved ones as well. Thankfully, Drug Treatment Centers Bridgeport utilizes proven methods in addressing the causes and effects of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Our caring, competent staff members share a common goal: to provide patients with the support necessary to a healthy, sober future. Staff members at Drug Treatment Centers Bridgeport are experienced in detoxification and aim to provide each patient with a personalized drug rehab plan to encourage their safe recovery.

At Drug Treatment Centers Bridgeport, our mission is to provide support and effective treatment to individuals suffering from the effects of substance abuse. Call Drug Treatment Centers Bridgeport today and get the help you need for recovery. (203) 612-9630

Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab

We aim to remove the stigma associated with addiction and address the true causes of this devastating illness. By recognizing the varied causes and effects of addiction, we are better equipped to provide all-encompassing, effective therapies that help patients maintain sobriety and rebuild their lives, one step at a time.

For this type of intensive treatment, our facility is equipped to provide residential care to individuals suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol. This allows us to integrate treatment into the daily lives of our clients, thus reinforcing healthy behaviors through constant care, support and supervision.

Personalized Addiction Treatment

Prior to beginning our alcohol and drug rehab program, each patient undergoes a full assessment of physical health, medical history and treatment needs. Our Bridgeport facility goes the extra mile in personalizing each patient’s treatment plan, as this further increases the odds of effective and lasting recovery.

Once a rehabilitation plan is determined, the patient enters the beginning stages of treatment, which includes a supervised medical detoxification. Simply put, detox is a process designed to rid the body of all traces of addictive substances, clearing the path for the next stages of treatment.

For some patients, detox can be a painful and overwhelming experience. This is due to drugs like alcohol and prescription medications, which can lead to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when use is discontinued. Because of these withdrawal symptoms, detox is best performed in a clinical setting under the supervision of professionals.

Psychological Care

Once detoxification is complete, our treatment approach includes intensive psychological counseling. While counseling methods may differ according to the patient’s unique needs and circumstances, the goal remains the same: to promote a better understanding of addiction as well as each patient’s physical and psychological health.

This understanding is gained through open communication and traditional psychological methods such as behavior modification therapy, family sessions and group counseling. Combined, these efforts allow patients to get to the root of their problems with drugs or alcohol as well as uncover any underlying mental health issues which could have contributed to the use of addictive substances.

Plus, both group counseling and one-on-one therapy provide patients with support, accountability and guidance throughout the rehabilitation process. These benefits are essential to sustained sobriety, as they build self-esteem and give patients the tools to live healthy, happy lives without drugs or alcohol.

Addiction is a Treatable Disease

In the treatment of addiction to drugs and alcohol, the first step is recognizing the problem. For many individuals suffering from addiction, this can prove difficult. Although the complications of substance abuse are obvious, factors such as self-esteem, social stigma and physical dependence prevent many users from seeking the help they need.

Our drug and alcohol treatment facility approaches addiction from a medical standpoint: We firmly believe that addiction is a disease, and we treat it as such. From the psychological causes to the physical effects, our multifaceted approach to addiction rehabilitation is designed to help our clients achieve and maintain sobriety as well as improve virtually every aspect of health and well-being.

Our drug addiction treatment center is here to help you overcome substance abuse and its devastating effects. Call Drug Treatment Centers Bridgeport today at (203) 612-9630.

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Located on the Long Island Sound in Fairfield County, Bridgeport is the most heavily-populated city in Connecticut. Incorporated in 1821, Bridgeport is steeped in culture and American history, as the area was home to Paugussett Native Americans and settled by early colonists.

Today, modern city features include the beautiful Bridgeport harbor, historic sites, art galleries, theaters and over two dozen parks and outdoor recreation areas. The city is also within close proximity to New York City and is accessible by interstate, state and county highways.

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